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Hiragana A1 Tutor Support Course


This is a teacher support course to learn how to read and write hiragana. Besides learning how to type characters on a computer keyboard, materials on how to write are also available for those who want to learn writing by hand.

In this course, students first learn to read single hiragana characters, then words and phrases, and learn to type hiragana characters on a computer keyboard using the interactive teaching materials.
Classes at the Japan Foundation Manila (JFM) once every two weeks on Saturday mornings will provide students a setting to verify what they have learned. Reading practice in class will focus on hiragana words and sentences from Lessons 1 to 10 of the MARUGOTO Japanese Language & Culture Starter A1 coursebook. 

Two types of teacher support will be offered in this course:
1. Three (3) Classroom Lessons
2. A Reading Test during the third classroom lesson

This course has a Group noticeboard. You can study by communicating with your classmates and teacher through the noticeboard.

■ Below is the schedule of the Classroom Lessons:
10:00 am to 12 nn (Philippine time).
January 13, January 27, February 3, 2018
Japan Foundation Manila (

■About the student selection process
This is a course where participating students are determined by a selection process. For those who wish to apply, please read the course outline carefully. Then, within the designated application time period, please click the 'Course Registration' button and complete the application.

Note, results of the selection process are expected to be sent to the email address registered with 'Minato' around December 13.

Course Objective "Can-do"

To be able to read, write and type words and sentences written in Hiragana.

Teaching Materials Used

You can learn Hiragana interactively with the course study materials found on the JF Japanese e Learning site, and attend the teacher support Classroom Lessons.
The Classroom Lessons will focus on the contents of the MARUGOTO Japanese Language & Culture Starter A1 coursebook.  
Study materials for this course are provided under the assumption that they are being accessed on a computer. Other devices do not meet the recommended environment.
In addition to the course study materials, you can learn more effectively by using Hiragana Memory Hint, an app developed by the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai. Please download it.
●App Store (iOS) 
●Google Play (Android) 
●Amazon (Android)  

About Live Lesson

About the Classroom Lesson

This course includes Three Classroom Lessons and a Reading Test to be held during the third Classroom Lesson at the Japan Foundation Manila.
 Below is the schedule of the Classroom Lessons (CL) and Reading Test (RT):
10:00 am to 12 nn
CL1: January 13, 2018 
CL2: January 27, 2018
CL3 and RT : February 3, 2018

Completion Requirements

Passing Score: Score of 60 points or higher

The allocation of points is as follows:
・Study Progress 40%
・Online Test 25%
・Reading Test 25%
・Classroom Lesson Attendance 10%

・You can take the Online Test once you have completed all of the exercises (100% Study Progress).
・You will not be issued a certificate of attendance if you do not take the Reading Test.

Instructor Introduction


Hi, I'm Matel.
Let's have fun studying Hiragana!


Hi, I'm Mae.
​Let's have fun studying Hiragana!

Course Operator

Japan Foundation Manila

Enrollment cannot be performed as it is outside the application period.

    • Application Period
    • Japanese Time
    • YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm
    • 2017/11/27 01:00 - 2017/12/12 00:59
    • Attendance Period
    • Japanese Time
    • 2017/12/15 01:00 - 2018/02/12 00:59
    • Course Type
    • Tutor Support
    • Capacity
    • 20 Places (Selection)
    • Level of Japanese
    • A1
    • Study Category
    • Kana (Japanese Alphabet)
    • Language of Explanation
    • English
    • Course Operator
    • Manila
    • Course Fee
    • Free