Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The name of the Service Provider


The name of the representative

Managing Director YAMASAKI Hiroki

Address, and telephone number of the Service Provider

3-14, Rinku-Port-Kita, Tajiri-Cho, Sennan-Gun, Osaka, 598-0093, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)72-490-2602


'Minato' Operations Center (Contact Form)

Service Fees

Registration with 'Minato' is free of charge.
For information regarding the enrollment fees (consumption tax incl.) for Japanese language online courses (hereinafter "courses"), please refer to the prices listed within the course outline for each particular course.

Costs and/or Fees Other than Service Fees

Payment for any incidental costs incurred when taking courses, such as internet or telephone fees etc., any textbooks etc., required for some courses (noted in the course outline for each course), or costs incurred in paying the course fees etc., is the responsibility of the Registered Users themselves.

The timing and method of payment for service fees etc.

Please refer to the timing and method of payment noted in the course outline for each particular course.

The time at which the services will be provided

With regard to 'Minato', service is provided after completion of the user registration which is performed according to the prescribed method.
With regard to 'Courses', service is provided for the 'Self-Study Course' from the time that course registration is completed, and for the 'Tutor Support Course' service is provided from the first day of the Attendance Period. For further details please refer to the course outline for each individual course.

Operating Environment

For information regarding the operating environment required for 'Minato', please refer to the section 'For First Time Users > Course Environment' within the "User Guide"
For details on the operating environment for each course, please refer to the operating environment notes within each course outline.

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