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Hirogaru Nihongo A2 Self-Study Course


This course is for those who wish to know about Japan on various topics by reading and listening to related information in Japanese at JF Standard (A2) as well as learning new vocabulary.
 The website “Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese” shall be used in this course.

*Learning Content
You may choose more than 3 of the 6 topics found in this course. You shall read the articles or watch the videos related to them. In each topic there is a quiz whereby you may check what you have learned. The result of the quizzes does not affect your completion from this course.

*Group Page
After finishing one topic, there is a Group Page whereby you can write about yourself or things happening around you. You may comment on the postings by others as well as receiving others on yours.

*Summary Test
At the end of the course, there will be a final exam. Although all the six (6) topics are listed in the test, you only need to complete those topics you have covered or studied.
For the topics that you did not study, you do not need to answer the questions, but you have to scroll down and click [Check Answer] à [Send Result]. Then, move to the next topic.
For the three (3) topics that you have studied, please answer every question and click [Check Answer] → [Send Result]. Then, move to the next topic.
After you send the results for all the six (6) topics, please back to [My Page] and re-fresh the page. You should be able to see that your exam process has been completed 100%.
※There is an error in the “instruction for taking the final exam” inside the course. In order for you to complete the final exam, please do not use the “Table of Contents (目次)”. Instead, please click [Start], then [Check Answer] à [Send Result] for all the topics.

Course Objective "Can-do"

• Can understand the diversity of Japanese culture related to the topics by reading its articles or watching its videos provided by Hirogaru.
• Can share one’s thoughts or experience on certain events with others related to the topics in Hirogaru

Teaching Materials Used

“Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese” is a website ( to learn about the culture and language of Japan at JF Standard of A2. Its objectives are as follows: -

• You can personally experience understanding and using Japanese even with a proficiency level of A1 or A2 in the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education.
• You can engage with various aspects about Japan and the Japanese language through reading or listening to information related to 12 topics about Japan. (In this course, you will learn 6 topics form them.)
• Through the various contents and user comments, you can learn more about not only Japan but also your own culture and the culture of places where other learners live.

Completion Requirements

Passing Score: score of 25points or higher

The allocation of points is as follows.
・Summary Test 99%
・Questioner 1%

Course Operator

The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur

Enrollment cannot be performed as it is outside the application period.

    • Application Period
    • Anytime
    • Attendance Period
    • 3 Months From Course Start
    • Course Type
    • Self-Study
    • Level of Japanese
    • A2
    • Study Category
    • Reading, Listening, Vocabulary, Culture/Society, Kanji (Chinese Characters)
    • Language of Explanation
    • English
    • Course Operator
    • Kuala Lumpur
    • Course Fee
    • Free