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Marugoto A2B1-1 Self-Study Course


This is a course to comprehensively learn about the Japanese language and culture.

In the きいてはなす section, you can gain practical communication skills by listening to a lot of Japanese and practicing speaking. You can also practice speaking for longer periods. In the よんでかく section, you can read emails and sites that have blogs, etc., then try writing your own. The objective is to gain a comprehensive Japanese ability by reading, listening, writing, and speaking. 

If you want to finish up your A2 and move on to the B1 level, then this course is for you!

This course also includes groups. By participating in the group noticeboard, you can feel your companions learning with you, as you study alone.

■About the Japanese Test for Course Recommendation
This course is one level higher than the Marugoto A2-4 (Katsudoo & Rikai) Self-Study Course.
If you don't know what level of Marugoto courses to take, try taking the Japanese Test for Course Recommendation.

Course Objective "Can-do"

Topic 1 Sports Games
1.Invite a friend out / Accept an invitation
2.Decline an invitation and give a reason
3.Cancel an appointment and give a reason
4.Cheer on your favourite team in a sports game
5.Talk about a sports game which you saw
6.Read e-mails of apology and their replies and understand the facts and the writers’ feelings
7.Read an e-mail giving a report of an outing and understand the facts and the writers’ feelings

Topic 2 Looking for a House
8.Talk about what is important for you when looking for somewhere to live and why
9.Talk about the place where you live
10.Read an article from a website and understand what kind of place the writer lives in and why
11.Read an article from a website and understand what the writer thinks about his / her job and the place where he / she

Topic 3 My Comfort Food
12.Talk about what you think of foreign food
13.Talk about your eating habits
14.Read an article from a website and understand what the writer says about the food he / she cannot live without
15.Read an article from a website and understand what the writer thinks about eating habits

Topic 4 Visiting Someone
16.Show a visitor around your house
17.Introduce your family members to a visitor
18.Talk about your experience and memories of living overseas
19.Read an article from a website and understand what the writer did and how he / she felt when he / she visited his / her friend
20.Read a thank you e-mail to a visitor from a foreign country and understand the writer’s feelings

Topic 5 The Pleasure of Learning Other Languages
21.Talk about how to learn a foreign language
22.Talk about the pleasure of learning a foreign language in a language class
23.Read an article from a website and understand how to learn Japanese outside Japan
24.Read an e-mail from a friend and understand his / her past foreign language learning experience and how he / she feels about it now

Teaching Materials Used

You will learn interactively using the Marugoto Japanese Online Course site.
You will manage your study progress, submit assignments, and take tests within the Marugoto Japanese Online Course site.
For more information on study materials, please visit the website introducing the Marugoto Nihongo Online Course. You can also use a trial. (The trial version is for the A1 level only.)

Google Chrome for Windows or Android, download free, enables you to use the recording and speech recognition function for your speaking practice.


Completion Requirements

Passing Score: score of 60 points or higher

The allocation of points is as follows.
・Study progress 50%
・Assignment 25%
・Test 25%

* You can take the test if you go over 60% in both the study progress of each Topic and submitted assignments.

The 'Course Registration' button is located at the bottom of the page.

    • Application Period
    • Anytime
    • Attendance Period
    • 6 Months From Course Start
    • Course Type
    • Self-Study
    • Level of Japanese
    • A2 - B1
    • Study Category
    • Integrated
    • Language of Explanation
    • English
    • Expected Hours of Study
    • 40 Hour(s)
    • Course Operator
    • KC(Japan)
    • Course Fee
    • Free