Course ID:KC24_KSBS_A200_EN01

Introduction to Kansai dialect A2 Self-Study Course


This is a course where you learn about communicating with the Kansai dialect.
It's designed for those who are interested in the Kansai dialect and/or the Kansai region.
You learn interactively while viewing videos.

Step 1 Features of the Kansai dialect
Step 2 Kansai dialect communication
Step 3 Test
Step 4 Review what you have learnt

How would you like to challenge yourself to converse in the Kansai dialect?

Course Objective "Can-do"

1. Understand the basic cultural/linguistic features of the Kansai dialect.
2. Understand simple, daily exchanges in the Kansai dialect, and with practise, be able to take part in a short conversation about a topic familiar to you.

Teaching Materials Used

Learning is done interactively using videos and quizzes, etc.

This course was created based on the text "Nihongo "Doki-Doki" Taiken Koryu Katsudo-shu: Japanese through Real Activities".

Completion Requirements

Passing Score: score of 60% or higher

The allocation of points is as follows.
 Step 1 Features of the Kansai dialect 15%
 Step 2 Kansai dialect communication 30%
 Step 3 Test 45%
 Step 4 Review what you have learnt 10%

※ In order to complete this course it is necessary to finish all steps. 

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    • Application Period
    • Anytime
    • Attendance Period
    • 3 Months From Course Start
    • Course Type
    • Self-Study
    • Level of Japanese
    • A2
    • Study Category
    • Culture/Society, Speaking, Listening
    • Language of Explanation
    • English
    • Expected Hours of Study
    • 3 Hour(s)
    • Course Operator
    • KC(Japan)
    • Course Fee
    • Free