Course ID:KC22_KNJS_A101_EN02

Kanji A1-1 Self-Study Course


In this course you will study the origins and features of kanji, plus 20 A1 level kanji vocabulary.
Using interactive study materials you will learn kanji, vocabulary, read sentences, and match kanji with their meanings. Also, for those who wish to practice typing and writing kanji we have supplementary study materials for you.

For those interested in kanji and who wish to study thoroughly from the basic level, we highly recommend you study kanji with this course.

Course Objective "Can-do"

1. Able to understand the history, origins, and features of kanji.
2. Able to look at a restaurant menu and find the most basic information such as ingredients etc.
3. Able to understand the features of a friend's house after reading a short, simple email that arrived from a Japanese friend.
4. Able to read a short blog and understand what was done and when if visual aids are available.

Teaching Materials Used

You can learn interactively with the course study materials

【Please Note】
Although it is possible to take this course using a tablet or a smartphone, we highly recommend studying with a personal computer.

If, in addition to the course study materials, you also use the app series "Kanji Memory Hint" developed by The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai, you will have a more efficient learning experience. By all means please download the app and try it out.

App Store (iOS)
Google Play (Android)
Amazon (Android)

Completion Requirements

Passing Score: score of 60 points or higher

 The allocation of points is as follows.
・Study materials 70%
・Quiz 30%

Enrollment cannot be performed as it is outside the application period.

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Enrollment cannot be performed as it is outside the application period.

    • Application Period
    • Anytime
    • Attendance Period
    • 6 Months From Course Start
    • Course Type
    • Self-Study
    • Level of Japanese
    • A1
    • Study Category
    • Kanji (Chinese Characters), Vocabulary
    • Language of Explanation
    • English
    • Expected Hours of Study
    • 3 Hour(s)
    • Course Operator
    • KC(Japan)
    • Course Fee
    • Free