Course ID:KC16_HRGS_A100_EN02

Hiragana A1 Self-Study Course


The Hiragana A1 Self-Study Course is a course to study reading and writing hiragana on your own.

In this course, interactive teaching materials will help you learn hiragana as you read and type single sounds as well as easy words and phrases. Materials on how to write are also available for those who want to learn handwriting.

If you are interested in Japanese writing, why not use this course to study hiragana?

Course Objective "Can-do"

To be able to read and type in hiragana.

Teaching Materials Used

You can learn interactively with the course teaching materials, Hiragana.

Teaching materials for this course are provided under the assumption that it is being taken on a computer. Other devices do not meet the recommended environment.

In addition to the course teaching materials, you can learn more effectively by using Hiragana Memory Hint, an app developed by the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai. Please download it.

App Store (iOS) 
Google Play (Android) 
Amazon (Android)   

Completion Requirements

Score of 60% or higher

The allocation of points is as follows.
・Learning materials 70%
・Test 30%

* You can take the test after all the teaching materials have been studied.

Enrollment cannot be performed as it is outside the application period.

    • Application Period
    • Anytime
    • Attendance Period
    • 6 Months From Course Start
    • Course Type
    • Self-Study
    • Level of Japanese
    • A1
    • Study Category
    • Kana (Japanese Alphabet)
    • Language of Explanation
    • English
    • Expected Hours of Study
    • 14 Hour(s)
    • Course Operator
    • KC(Japan)
    • Course Fee
    • Free